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Maundy Thursday

March 29, 2018



A dark day when evil ran amok, and the disciples’ perceptions of what Messiah ought to be ended in a horrific night of betrayal, violence, and terror


His plan was NOT their plan


All hope is gone after a seemingly never-ending night filled with the mockery of three trials in which gave vent to the religious hatred against their friend


Now, as the light of day began filtering into the city, hearts and hopes remained dark as many huddled together in the upper room fearing that the religious leaders would come for them next


Some followed his agonizing path to Golgotha


Horror as the one they thought was the Messiah hung on a Roman cross, so disfigured as to be hardly recognizable as human, bleeding, dying


Darkness filled the land, covering the Earth


An end to hopes and dreams


But God




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