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A Never-ending Story?

September 29, 2013

Since I successfully finished the Pre-Licensing Class at Go Realty and then passed the state exam for real estate broker licensure on August 9th, I awaited the response from the NC Real Estate Commission with some trepidation, but a lot of hope that soon I would launch my new career in real estate. Many have supported me in this venture and have expressed an ongoing willingness to testify for me before the commission if it comes to that.

As it turned out that will be necessary as the Commission has elected to “…defer…” their decision regarding granting me a license to act as a broker and I am now awaiting their decision as to when that hearing will occur. As we are almost into October, it seems that I will not be on the agenda for the October meeting, so another month spent waiting while those in my class begin to build their careers. I have to admit to more than a little jealousy at the reports I read about, but am also heartened that even newbies like us (yeah, I still count myself in that number) can get off to a quick start and help others fulfill their dreams of home ownership.

A good friend had recommended an attorney that could represent me before the Commission and I contacted that individual to seek advice and to determine if our finances would allow us to pursue such a course. As it turned out, this person has elected not to represent me (for reasons I will not go into here) and so I will be sans attorney whenever I do appear to argue for my licensure. It is heartening that so many have told me that they want to be there to speak on my behalf and I am very thankful for those friends, but I do have one request while we wait. Please, do not continue to ask me if I’ve heard anything from the Commission as it only serves to remind me of the amount of time that is passing by without having the hearing scheduled. You, my friends, will know as soon as I do and hopefully the NC Real Estate Commission will give us enough advance notice that many of you will be able to fit the hearing into your schedules.

Until then, I covet your prayers and your understanding. The waiting is wearing on me and I battle daily with frustration and depression as this seems to be similar to Michael Ende’s The NeverEnding Story. This will come to an end and I am praying that it will be similar to Mr. Ende’s story where Atreyu emerges victorious over the Nothing with the help of the boy Bastian who stumbles upon the book and its story while avoiding school. Additionally I ask for prayers for my wife, Kathy. She has much to bear in enduring some of my mood swings as of late; why she perseveres is more a measure of her stubbornness perhaps than almost anything else, but I am grateful that she has not yet tossed me out the door. Thank you that you continue to believe in me, perhaps more than I believe in myself.

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