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An End to Dreams

September 18, 2013

Some of you have been following my ongoing attempts at becoming licensed as a real estate broker through the classes at Go School, my passing the state exam and then beginning the appeal process. Understandably, the Real Estate Commission thought it necessary to do a formal review of my application in order to determine if I had the requisite character secondary to a felony conviction back in 1988. My decision to move ahead with the process seemed the obvious choice, but in light of a conversation with an attorney recommended by a good friend I am having second thoughts.

The attorney told me that Curtis Aldendifer, Associate Counsel for the Real Estate Commission, would do his best to paint me as a monster and, having already gone through that once during my trial in 1988, is not something I would want to endure yet again. It seems that the idea of second chances is passé in today’s world; that once convicted of a crime you are always condemned and considered little better than offal.

The main consideration in my choosing to surrender to the inevitable is to preclude those who are supporting me and willing to testify before the Commission on my behalf being tarred with the same broad brush Mr. Aldendifer will be swinging; to have that onus placed upon the reputations of my friends and their associated companies,and organization is not something I would want to happen.

So, what now? I really have no idea. I will continue to send out applications online to try to find someone willing to hire me for an administrative position, but there too I am less than expectant of a positive result. As of today, I have in excess of 400 different such positions applied for with nothing to show for it than some time before a computer and some electron flowing over the internet.
My dream of becoming a real estate agent, of helping others find their dream home, is over. I’m finished with dreams.

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