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Waiting Rooms

August 22, 2013

There are places in this world that I would always avoid if it were possible. Waiting rooms are never, in my mind, a pleasant experience; similar to an elevator, we avoid eye contact with others in that nether world between arriving and achieving the goal for which we came (usually an appointment) and watch inane programs on television, read outdated magazines, or (as I usually do) read a book that you brought. However we seek to ameliorate the experience, waiting is not a enjoyable time. In some instances it can be more intimidating (picture a dentist’s office with the shrill whining in the background of the dental drill and knowing that you are NEXT…), but having a enjoyable ‘wait’ is something I have a difficult time imagining.
Whether a doctor’s office or especially at the DMV, waiting rooms are something usually just to be endured. But waiting occurs in other forms than specific rooms in a building; waiting often occurs at times in our lives apart from specific appointments. Whether it is due to an illness (aren’t hospital rooms fun…NOT) or other ‘interruption’ to our plans, we have come to a stop and wonder if we’ll ever get going again. We wait and watch others move on with their lives and we wonder and often fret when we seem to stagnate.
I’ve had more ‘waiting’ times than I care to think about; in fact there is one going on right now. Having successfully completed the Pre-Licensing Course for Real Estate Broker at Go School, then took the state exam a few weeks ago. The wait for the result there was very brief; I came out of the exam room and saw the two proctors speaking quietly to themselves as they watched some papers slide out of the printer. The manner in which they spoke made me nervous and I quietly began gathering my belongings in preparation to leaving and then turned to face the music. One of the ladies turned to me and smiled and said, “Congratulations!” My response, “You mean I passed,” was met by laughter as she handed me the form that said that I had indeed passed. I remember telling my wife afterward that I felt taller somehow (she remarked that she wasn’t surprised as that boulder was off my shoulders).
So, for most who pass the state exam, they will soon receive their license in the mail; for me there was yet another step to take and another wait to endure. Because of my felony back in 1988, my licensure is not a sure thing. The real estate commission has to rule on whether or not to allow me to be licensed and the next time they meet will be the first week in September. So, I wait…again! Could you pass me that magazine, please?

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