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I Want It MY Way!

August 20, 2013

“All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and contrary people.” (Romans 10:21 CEV)
Have you ever felt that way? I don’t mean reaching out to disobedient, contrary folks, but being those disagreeable people. Far too many times I wear a veneer of courtesy and respect when I’d much rather be ranting and demanding my way; this ‘me, myself and I’ (a truly unholy trinity if ever there was one!) wants to throw off the restraints of faith and culture and insist on being number one. I watch someone else’s toddler demanding their way and I think, ‘Yeah kid; get some!’
What is up with all this being nice and serving others? Why should I? Aren’t I as important as the next person and if so, why should I yield my desires to anyone else? Whose idea was that anyway?
Think of a world when everyone thinks in that manner! Imagine, if you can, the mayhem on our highways and even in our homes. We read of such behavior in others being acted out and shake our heads in wonderment, all the time hiding within our own hearts the same despicable behavior. When countries act out in this manner we have wars; on an individual scale, it is no less egregious.
One guy I know from history was the ultimate in should have had his own way; coming from a place of ultimate privilege, he surrendered all of that and lived a humble life serving others. He surrounded himself with all manner of disagreeable folk as his inner circle and, amazing in itself, kept them from killing each other. He taught them and others who followed him of a better way to live, but also pointed out that this manner of life would take something outside of them to live. Yeah, he knew what mankind was all about; he did more than teach a new way of life, He was the Way. Thankfully He did not leave it up to us to fulfill this new way, He provided not only the directions, but provided to those who chose this way the ability to live it.
Yes, I can still choose selfishness and arrogance (and sadly I far too often do), but it is also possible now for me to choose a servant’s heart.

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