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August 11, 2013

jumpin hurdles
Another hurdle passed in my journey toward a career in real estate; the state exam seemed more rigorous in places than the final from the pre-licensing class, but perhaps that was due to the setting (much more formalized). There seemed to be far too many questions where I would literally do my best to eliminate the lease likely to try and whittle it down to the most likely, and how at times there were two equally likely (to my mind) answers and I would just pick one and pray for the best, marking it for later review and going on to the next puzzle.
When I did review my answers (or answered those I’d skipped the first time through), some of the answers did seem clearer, but there were some that remained guesses and I closed the exam (on computer) with almost a sense of resignation that at least I could re-take it in a few days. As I exited the exam room I saw the two proctors quietly discussing something as they printed out a form that I assumed was to tell me which questions I’d missed in order to prepare for a re-take. Imagine my surprise then when one smiled at me and said, “Congratulations!” I remember asking her, “You mean I passed?” She told me that many left the exam feeling the same way, but that yes I had indeed passed and handed me the notification of that success.
I had prepared several emails to go out announcing either success or failure and looking back, I probably could have worded it differently considering the place I live (the South). In the vernacular of this region, when you say someone “passed,” you are often softening the news of their death. So, when I sent out emails announcing that I had “passed” without further embellishment, it could be interpreted to mean that I’d died! This didn’t occur to me until later when I was reading an article on line where someone announced the “passing” of a friend and my mind went “oops!”
But would my “passing” be a cause for celebration as when I passed the state exam for licensure as a real estate broker? Yeah, in fact even more so! Scripture tells us that death is but a door for the believer in Christ; a door that leads Home, forever freeing us from the struggles and trials of this life. So, for those of my friends who may read of my death, I have one wish for you; listen to Steve Green sing, Safely Home and know that I am more alive than I’ve ever been (to paraphrase D.L. Moody). So, whether I “passed” an exam, or on that day when I do “pass,” it is a cause for celebration!

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