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Cat Theology 2

August 5, 2013

CJ in her box (1)
Once again one of our cats is teaching me about my relationship with God. The teacher in this instance, C.J., can usually be found at odd hours of the day wandering around our home crying piteously as if she is all alone in the universe. Surrounded by a safe place with all of her needs provided, she still will at times cry out as if she is on her own without her servants (Kathy and I) to care for her. Often picking her up and cuddling with her for a few moments is enough to satisfy, but at times she will continue the crying no matter how much we pet her or speak to her.

How often have I cried as wretchedly when all the time my Father is there to care for me? I act at times as though there is no God who has called to my heart and is leading me Homeward; it’s as though I have no hope. Sad indeed the plight of any in this troubled world who deny faith, who live as though they are, in the words of William Ernest Henley in his poem Invictus, “…I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” Yet there are times, despite the evidence of the past when God has ‘shown up,’ I act as though I am bereft of this Comforter and Guide.

I have to wonder if my cry sounds as silly to God as C.J.’s seem to me; if he bends to whisper in my ear, “I am here with you and within you; you will never be alone again.” Yes, I can pick up C.J. to reassure her of my presence and love and God so far hasn’t done that for me (what a day that will be when He does), but God has provided good friends and companions in our mutual journey through life toward life that can. So, as I cuddle C.J. and reassure her of my love and care for her, I always take a moment to look up and thank my Father for doing the same for me.

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