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Jars of Clay

July 31, 2013

jars of clay
Vessels of clay, marred and disfigured, seemingly useless for any purpose than to be tossed aside as irredeemable; it seems that many in today’s world want only “new and improved” and choose to ignore what they consider ignoble. Thankfully there are those today who see treasures in what others consider trash and are willing to give those flawed vessels another chance at usefulness.
During my search for meaningful work after my release from prison there have been those who were well meaning, but essentially clueless about the difficulty of finding more than a job (though I have grabbed at one such to keep food on the table) when society brands those who have been in prison as useless and hopeless. Many of those coming out of prison are able to do such work as dishwashing, manual labor and such; in my case that is not an option. I’ve also sought work that would enable me to help others (something that had drawn me to my former career as a nurse and paramedic), and I’d all but given up of ever finding such when a friend and neighbor suggested real estate as an option.
So, having completed the Pre-Licensing Course for Brokers, I am now preparing to take the state exam after which I will find out if the N.C. Real Estate Commission will allow me to be licensed. One agency in particular has expressed support for my goal of becoming a broker, and that makes me think that this could actually happen. That is both exciting and terrifying as I try to imagine life as a broker and Realtor; but then for disciples of Jesus we realize that we are all flawed folk in need of redemption. Second chances are what the Gospel is all about; beginning again (and again…) is seen throughout the Gospel narratives and epistles, and this is reflected in how some view ex-felons. We are not trash; we are useful still if only given a chance.

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