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July 18, 2013

Pressure is something that can turn coal into diamonds or rocks to dust; pressure is a necessary part of living and yet not something that is ‘fun’ to endure. When I started the Pre-Licensing Class at Go School I knew that there would be a large amount of material to learn and as the class went on this was confirmed—in spades! It really is amazing the dearth of my knowledge before regarding leasing or purchasing real estate; the terms to be remembered (and hopefully kept straight), the different calculations, and various other infinitesimal details seem to go on and on and, as I begin to think that I have an adequate grasp on most of the material, here comes Chris Barnette to rain on my parade with another chapter or two of material.
I can remember other times when I have felt pressure like this as I near an end date with a test lurking on the horizon like those in the Great Plains watching a dangerous appearing storm approach. While in the Navy, one of the schools I attended was Basic Nuclear Power School at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in which we learned the basics behind the operation of the nuclear power plants on the submarines and targets in the fleet. Here too there was an incredible amount of material to be absorbed with the knowledge that if we flunked the final exam we would be transferred ½ mile down the road to NIOTC. Nice sounding acronym until you know what NIOTC stood for; the Naval Inshore Operation Training Command. Not so bad, but remember this was in 1971 and we had these incredible fiberglass boats that patrolled the Mekong Delta and other such garden spots in that lush tropical paradise called Vietnam. So, there was a very strong incentive to study in order NOT to go there and the pressure built as the day of the final exam approached. A group of us gathered to check our grades and, discovering we had all passed, decided to go and do what sailors do (let’s just say that the folks at the Hamilton AFB NCO club were glad to see us leave to return to Mare Island).
So, with less than a week to the final exam at Go School, I am wondering if it will be diamonds or dust that comes out of that exam. Stay tuned.

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