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NASCAR on I-40

July 12, 2013

Glancing collision with a Honda on I-40

Glancing collision with a Honda on I-40

Life sure is ‘interesting’ at times much as the curse attributed to some Chinese mystic, but actually of western origin; “May you live in interesting times.” The meaning behind such is a wish that the individual so addressed experience much disorder and trouble in life; I was reminded of this while standing on the side of I-40 in Durham looking at the damage done to my car by a young man who was not watching where he was going! Thankfully no one was injured and the damage to my car was mostly cosmetic (though EXPENSIVE).
My dreams are salted with ‘what-if’ images from the events surrounding the NASCAR-like collision as when I saw the Honda merging into my space I had nowhere to go as a gasoline tanker was just behind me in the next lane over and I had another ‘interesting’ person on my back bumper. In the dream that keeps replaying (what an imagination I have!), I wind up bouncing into the path of the tanker and, well you can imagine what happens next. I am thankful that I did not lose control, the idiot behind me saw what was about to happen and backed off just enough to move around me after the collision and that we both were able to continue our travels after speaking with Officer Smith of the Durham Police Department.
Yeah, life is ‘interesting’ and it seems to be getting more and more so recently, but in good ways as well. Through it all my faith sustains me (actually not MY faith, but the faith given me by the Father) and reminds me that even if I’d ‘met’ the tanker, that pain would’ve been brief and ushered me through the door Home. Kind of like life in general don’t you think? No matter how long we live in this world, no matter the troubles and trials we face, what is that compared with an eternity we will spend with God?

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