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Cat Theology

May 15, 2013

Cat theology time or, to put it another way, what my cats continue to teach me about my relationship with God.  We have three cats, each distinctive in their personalities and how they relate to the humans who share their home.

Pumpkin is the queen of the house with a regal manner in almost everything she does.  We have a chair in the front room that is HERS and woe to the fool (human or feline) who dares to violate the sanctity of HER chair (throne).  She will permit me to pet her and commands such attention when it suits HER.  It’s as if she is saying, “Whatever you are doing is not as important as ME and you must drop everything else right now and take care of ME.” 

Spanky is the rambunctious one; having periodic ‘weird-ons’ where she will careen around the house chasing imaginary (well, at least invisible to us mortals) villains or perhaps fleeing from them.  One of her favorite activities is to sit in the bay window and ‘hunt’ the various birds, squirrels and rabbits that frequent our neighborhood, making all manner of noises as she imagines what she would do to these creatures if only we would allow her outside.  She is much hungrier for attention from us and much more demanding about it (especially when I am cooking or we are sitting down to eat a meal).  She will whine and yowl for food even when her food dish is full; her favorite treats are cheese, tuna and little kitty treats we get all of them to be handed out at different times (often to lure them to the back bedroom before our Life Group meets at our home) and even after just eating will often cry out as if she is bereft of any nourishment!

C.J. is the smallest of our cats; a Siamese-mix that was so worm-ridden when Kathy adopted her that the treatment may have left her somewhat brain damaged.  She is usually affectionate and seems to have adopted me since I came home, walking up to me and tapping me on the leg or arm with one of her forepaws to request some attention.  She likes to cuddle on my lap and if I’m lying on the sofa reading, will not be happy until she is curled up on my chest.  She recently had an episode of doing what appeared almost as a localized seizure (strange chewing motion) combined with some excessive salivation.  We did not know what to think of this (and dreaded to take her to the vet to find out as if you try to get her into a carrier, it’s a good idea to be close to a Level I Trauma Center) and watched her for a few days until we realized that such was necessary.  We did get her there and the vet was able to remove an abscessed tooth; when she returned home she was NOT a happy camper, refusing all attempts at petting or even speaking to her with growling and hissing.  I thought that in saving her I had lost her to the relationship that we’d had before.  But then one day later, she is back to her lovable self and not for anything else, she just likes to be with me, to curl up next to me or on me and go to sleep as she purrs in sweet contentment.

So, how do these felines teach me about my relationship with Messiah?  I would long to be just like C.J. who only wants my presence and even when she goes through a traumatic experience for reasons she cannot understand, is quick to forgive and seek me out once again.  I emulate Spanky when I am not satisfied with my needs being met so wonderfully; I want more ‘stuff’ or such and am often engaged in seemingly mindless chasing after such nonsense as recognition, success, or such.  It’s as though I want His presents more than His presence in my life.  Pumpkin is when my prayers are nothing short of commands to God to DO SOMETHING about a hurt or wrong done to me or someone I love.  We add the appellation of “…in Jesus’ name, Amen…” and think that this means it is a rubber stamp and God must ‘hop to it’ like some heavenly bell hop.

Yeah, as God loves me no matter how I act out in my relationship with Him, my heart’s desire is to be like C.J.; loving Him and wanting to be near Him just for His presence.

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